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a new way of budgeting

Learn A New Way of Budgeting

Budgeting doesn’t have to be a grueling task where you force yourself to decide how much you’re allowed to spend in a month and then somehow magically stick to it. Budgets comes in many shapes and sizes, which means that with all the options, you can pick an approach that’s best suited for you.

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need a financial advisor

You Don’t Need a Financial Advisor

Most people grow up thinking that you need a financial advisor to safely retire. But the tools available to you today make them obsolete. Let’s talk about why you should never work with a financial advisor who relies on commissions.

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Most Recent Jokes

Did you hear that a couple of accountants made a music album?
It was produced by Financial Records
How does a bird deposit their checks?
By going to the nearest branch
Why were the financial statements crying?
Because they contain sensitive data
What does an accountant wear during the first week of the month?
Month-End Clothes
Where’s an accountant’s favorite place to hike?
The audit trail
What do farmers and accountants have in common?
They both spread-sheet

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