Top 5 Best Books about Saving for Retirement

Listed below are the Top 5 Best Books about Saving for Retirement. Retirement planning is usually a subject that's overlooked until a person gets in their 50's. That's when people start panicking and begin aggressively cutting back their lifestyle and maxing out their 401k's and IRA's. If you're looking to join the club of people who are actively preparing for retirement then these books will help you get there!

This may be the book personal finance book I’ve ever read and it directly applies to saving for retirement. It’s clear, concise, and written in a way that keeps the reader’s attention through the entire book. Before this book I thought of retirement savings in a pretty boring fashion. A portion of your check goes into your 401k and maybe you save some additional money on the side and invest that through a brokerage account. After 30-40 years of working in your field you get to begin taking distributions and consider yourself no longer reliant on a job.

This book was the first time I was introduced to the concept that once you’ve accumulated a year or two worth of salary, not forty, you gain incredible negotiating power and freedom in your job. On top of that, it outlines in the perfect amount of detail how to accomplish such a feat. That’s why it’s first on our list of the best books about saving for retirement and even makes it into our list of Top 5 Best Books about Financial Independence.

Now I don’t like this title because it’s very gimmicky. But the content inside of it is extremely useful. Honestly, I may have put this book at #1 if it had a less arrogant title like “Very Good Retirement Book”. Regardless this book deserves your attention if you want a greater understanding of mastering your personal finances. It goes into the perfect amount of details and give the reader direction to move forward.

This book teaches you how to optimize your credits, set up no-fee high interest bank accounts, open a Roth IRA or 401k, save hundreds of dollars a month, automate accounts so they work together, and create your first portfolio. Plus, there’s material on overcoming psychological barriers, love and money, and new investment options.

This book starts with the powerful story of an average American couple–he’s a low-level manager, she’s a beautician–whose joint income never exceeds $55,000 a year, yet who somehow manage to own two homes debt-free, put two kids through college, and retire at 55 with more than $1 million in savings. Through their story you’ll learn the surprising fact that you cannot get rich with a budget! You have to have a plan to pay yourself first that is totally automatic, a plan that will automatically secure your future and pay for your present.

David gives you a totally realistic system, based on timeless principles, with everything you need to know, including phone numbers, websites and apps, so you can put the secret to becoming an Automatic Millionaire in place from the comfort of your own home. This book even made it onto our list of the Top 5 Best Books about Personal Finance.

Number four on our best books about saving for retirement offers inspirational advice on how to enjoy life to its fullest. The key to achieving an active and satisfying retirement involves a great deal more than having adequate financial resources; it also encompasses all other aspects of life — interesting leisure activities, creative pursuits, physical well-being, mental well-being, and solid social support.

What sets this retirement book apart from all the others is its holistic approach to the fears, hopes, and dreams that people have about retirement. This international bestseller goes way beyond the numbers that is often the main focus of retirement planning in most retirement books. There are many ingredients of a happy retirement and several retirement planning tools that help retirees plan for their retirement in new and more meaningful ways.

Most so-called “experts” plug your numbers into a retirement formula to tell you how much money you need to retire. Unfortunately, the conventional approach is fundamentally flawed. If you fail to learn how retirement savings truly works, then you’ll either underspend and be miserable or overspend and run out of money.

“How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?” takes you beyond the scientific facade of modern retirement planning. Author and former hedge fund manager Todd R. Tresidder has helped thousands of people find financial freedom through his website and podcast. Now you too can use his advice to take the guesswork out of your retirement planning. Check out my Book Review Blogpost if you want to learn more.

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