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You can do a lot with these accounting jokes. You can tell them at work and make all of your co-workers feel bad for your sense of humor. You can tell them at a bar and get ignored. You can tell them on your vacation and contemplate your priorities. Your options are truly endless once you start defaulting to accounting jokes when talking to people.

All of these accounting jokes come from the world famous literary classic “Financial Jokes for Financial Folks”. Some say it’s the greatest coffee book table of all time. You’d be surprised how many people, even non-financial people, pick up this book and laugh out loud. There’s just something about a good accounting joke that brightens a room.

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This book and website were written and built by a guy named Andrew Worden. For twenty seven years he’s been cracking puns like they’re knuckles on the hands of someone who cracks their knuckles way too much.

Accounting Jokes

Why can’t the car payment make any friends?

Because they’re always “a loan”


My company keeps overspending trying to move this giant rock…

In other words, they can’t budget!


How did the accountant unlock their door?

They used their ten key


Why do fixed interest rates smell so bad?

Because they never change


I keep trying to tell my accounting jokes at work…

But my boss says it’s hardly “material”


What did the financially responsible student do to get good grades?

They paid off their “principal”


What do you call really tall expenses?



Why did the accountant push the salaries, wages, and bonuses down the hill?

She wanted to see the payroll


Why did the financial analyst give his daughter gifts today instead of waiting until Christmas?

Because he understands “Present Value”


Did you hear about the new superhero, Accounts Payable Woman?

She had superhuman li-abilities

Why are weather stations so bad at budgeting?
Because they can only do a 10-day forecast
My accounting friend is so mean…
She always laughs at my “expense”
Why do investors always buy Altoids?
They’re great invest-mints!
Did you hear about the accountant who threw a dictionary on the grill?
He was trying to cook the books
What kind of spices does an accountant put on their steak?
Tax season-ing
Why did the cowboy walk into the financial advisor’s office?
He was told it was a bull market
Why did Grizzly Adams walk into the financial advisor’s office?
He was told it was a bear market
Why did the Accounting Department host an awards show?
To give the revenue recognition
Why was the expense late to the party?
He forgot to put it on his fiscal schedule
Why should you buy stock in the boulder company?
Because it’s a rock solid investment!
Why was the accountant sitting on her front porch?
She was waiting for her tax to return
How come CFOs never use lowercase letters?
Because they’re in charge of the “Capital” structure

What kind of debt did the secret agent issue?

A bond, James Bond.


Why was the banker bad at playing music?

Because they only knew how to play a Treasury note


What does an accountant use to hang decorations?



How do you tell an accountant to be quiet?

You tell them to use their invoice


What do you call a vendor that never tells the truth?

A Supp-liar


What do you call a marathon for Accounts Payable Analysts?

A settlement run


I bite all my quarters…

Now I have a lot of bitcoin


How did the Medical Plan say goodbye?

Deductible waived


Why did the cash analyst become a pirate?

Because she knew a lot about treasury


How did the Marine pay for food on his business trip?

He used his carpe per diem

Why are Accounts Receivable playing cards so rare?
Because all of them have yet to be collected
What do you call a mean bill that hasn’t been paid yet?
“Accrued” Expense
Why did the investor think he could sell his lakefront property quickly?
Because it was liquid
Why did the accountant keep falling over?
She couldn’t find her balance sheet
Did you hear about the accountant with the integrity of a set of novels?
They had a lot of “book values”
Why was the accountant’s self-esteem always so low?
Because he never gave himself enough “credit”
How come the accountant never gave the asset any credit?
Because she didn’t want to bring him down
I stopped inviting Diversification over for board game night…
They never wanted to play “risk”
What do you call the military officer in charge of accounting?
General Ledger
Where’s the accountant’s favorite place to shop?

More Accounting Jokes

What do you call an “inventory” of boats?

Finished goods available for sail


Did you hear about the creditor who got bored?

He lost interest


What do you call a liability without any friends?

A loan


I repaired the building we pay rent for…

It’s safe to say it’s a “fixed” cost


What do you call it when a group of executives falls back during battle?

A corporate retreat


Why did the clean freak hate dealing with Cost of Goods Sold?

Because it always made their profit “gross”


P & L went to make an announcement…

Well I guess it was less of an announcement and more of an income statement


Why did the clown business go bankrupt after 5 years?

They had a large balloon loan


What kind of costs does a dishes company have?

They vary a bowl (variable)


Did you hear about the butter company who switched to accrual-based accounting?

They started recording income when it’s actually “churned”

Did you hear about all the shared expenses going to Hawaii?

It was their allo-cation


How did the mortgage on the deserted island feel?

A loan


What do you call dogs trying to establish an LLC?

Creating their “beagle” structure


Why are rabbits so focused on working capital?

It’s necessary for maintaining day to day “hop-erations”


How do you tell how profitable a butter company is?

Look at the “net margarine”


Why was the fishing store so valuable?

It had a lot of “net” worth


What do you call it when Quickbooks enters the atmosphere?

Journal Entry


Have you heard of car accident liquidity?

It’s how quickly something can be converted into “crash”


Did you hear about the well-funded alphabet company?

They had 26 sources of “capital”


Why is prepaid expense soup so thick?

Because it’s reduced every month

I really can’t believe you just read all of those…

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