background info

My name is Andrew and I work in an accounting department at a large company.

This site exists because I have an unhealthy obsession with finance. It’s so bad that not only do I have a master’s degree on the subject, but I spend a lot of my spare time reading personal finance books. Finance is all about managing money. This includes things like investing, borrowing, lending, budgeting, and saving. For some reason these topics are incredibly exciting to me. Funny Man in a Financial World was built to share my enthusiasm, knowledge, books I’ve read, and bad jokes. Mostly the jokes. I write a lot of bad accounting and finance jokes. It’s a serious hobby of mine.

Our Philosophy

Here at Funny Man in a Financial World we believe that finance can put a smile on your face. We have succeeded in our mission if you chuckle even once while browsing our site.

About Our Future

We don't have a crystal ball, so we can't see the future. If we could then we would walk down to West Side Beverage Company and buy some lottery tickets.


The visionaries

Captain PicklePaws

The leader of our group. This guy makes all the decisions around here. His specialties include running into clean windows, completely freaking out for no reason and doing a dead sprint across the house, and playing fetch with anything green.

Andrew Worden

This goober graduated with a master's degrees in finance when he was 21 years old. Prior work includes being an accountant for multiple international entities and he currently works as a financial reporting analyst. His claim to fame though is publishing the accounting and finance classic: "Financial Jokes for Financial Folks"